'Once upon a time in a distant galaxy and a distant timeline...'

Prosperity's End is a story of life inside and outside the Galactic territory known to itself as 'Prosperity'. This governments prides itself on its ideas of freedom and spreading peace and justice throughout its territories and colonies and across space, civilising the uncivilised worlds and bringing peace and prosperity to all (hence it giving itself such a benevolent name). It was born out of past conflicts in the galaxy with old Galactic empires and republics and very powerful corporations controlling all of these.

It has two former military and economic rivals called 'The Peace' (because of similar ideas it has of spreading peace throughout the known universe) and Providence, which also sees itself as a Galactic crusader of peace and stability. These three powers now live in peace and a relatively loose alliance. They all face an ongoing threat of being attacked by outlaws and space pirates who indiscriminately raid and terrorise their space-fairing vessels as well as their territories. This is one thing which unites them all. The constant threat of violation from robbers and inter-Galactic terrorists. But as is the case with all such stories..... things are not always as they first appear.

Read on and see how life goes in the realms of Prosperity, Providence and The Peace.... and the lives of those affected by them.